Shilpa Shetty faces problems back home in India

Shilpa Shetty may have become extremely popular in the UK after doing her stint with a UK based reality TV show. The actress is so popular with the UK audiences that recently when she went to Yorkshire for the Iifa 2007, fans out there screamed and were extremely excited to see her walk down the green carpet. In fact according to sources fans actually ignored newly wed couple Aishwarya-Abhishek who happened to walk the green carpet at the same time as Shilpa Shetty. So it seems that Shilpa actually stole Ash-Abhi’s thunder while walking the green carpet at Iifa. However back home, Shilpa has not been given any royal treatment, in fact Shilpa has been constantly facing problems with airport officials recently.
Fans in UK may adore Shilpa Shetty and treat her like a princess out there, but back home the actress is constantly facing problems with airport officials. Recently while Shilpa was on her way to Iifa, she was detained at the Indian airport by airport authorities. The airport authorities detained Shilpa at the airport claiming that they had a ‘look-out’ notice issued against the actress and hence she could not leave the country. A ‘look-out notice is issued in a criminal case and was done so by a Rajasthan Court regarding the Shilpa-Richard kiss. However Shilpa had a relief order from the Supreme Court which her lawyers had furnished in order for her to move in and out of the country till the matter was heard in a court of law. But unfortunately Shilpa was not carrying the Supreme Court order and the officials were not aware of the Supreme Court relief granted to the actress. Hence Shilpa was detained for many hours at the airport, until her father arrived with a copy of the Supreme Court order. Only then Shilpa was finally allowed to leave the country.

However later on when Shilpa returned from the Iifa and also while leaving the country for some other official work, the actress was asked to produce the Supreme Court order without which the authorities refused to let her leave the country, in spite of viewing the order earlier. A miffed Shilpa Shetty said “How does it feel to be treated so suspiciously in your home after being treated like a queen at an event in a distant foreign country? Whether it’s an innocuous costume or an innocent kiss, I’m being hauled up all the time. Arrest me if you believe I’m guilty of any offense, but I can’t walk out of the country each time with a piece of paper in my shivering hands to prove I’m as free as others to travel, at the airport.” The actress feels that she is being given a raw deal by her very own country and she is very hurt by this attitude.