Shilpa Shetty attempts to diffuse racial controversy

The nation has been in a furor over the racial remarks on the UK based reality show Big Brother and the media too has been blasting the news all over. However the channel has another take and claims that no racism was being promoted deliberately to up the TRP’s of the show. However now even Shilpa Shetty has refuted any racial remarks made by the housemates after earlier having been the one to claim that she was being racially targeted. Even Shilpa’s family claim that they do not feel she is being racially targeted and also feel that Shilpa will become a stronger person with her experience in Big Brother.
The media, several NGO’s and even many legal government bodies from the UK are blasting the organizers and channel for airing derogatory and racial remarks and for allowing the other non-Indian housemates to get away with passing racial remarks. Several British Asians too have taken objection to bollywood star Shilpa Shetty being racially discriminated against. However Shilpa Shetty has now decided to make peace between the channel and its viewers. Shilpa Shetty clears the air saying “I don’t feel that there was any racial discrimination from Jade’s end. I think there are lots of insecurities from Jade but it’s definitely not racial.” Shilpa further adds that she takes her words back and claimed that it was an argument, tempers were flying and that people often say things that they don’t mean when they are angry.

Well if it is anyone who is benefiting from this entire racial controversy, it has been the organizers and the show Big Brother. But now fans are rooting even more for Shilpa as the main contender for the coveted prize. In another move after Shilpa did a turnaround and took her statements back, the alleged housemate who was responsible for passing the racial remarks has apologized saying that it was never her intention to hurt any Indian’s feelings. It has also been said that some of the show’s biggest sponsors have decided to withdraw their support to the show. But even this does not seem to have affected the organizers as they are quite sure that their high TRP’s will get the big players in once more. Well the organizers surely seem to think that any publicity is good publicity. Well this publicity will also ultimately benefit bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in more than one way.