Shilpa's hand slips off from John's body

Sizzling Shilpa Shetty in skimpy clothes is rocking in the item number of Dostana. She in the Miami Beach is shown romancing two hot dudes, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham and shaking her body to 'Shut Up And Bounce' track. John in bare body, revealing his sexy abs has attracted one and all. On looking at John's masculinity, sexy Shilpa has been unable to resist. But unfortunately, she has to give it a miss and unable to hold him as he has applied too much sun block on his bare body to protect from excessive heat and sweat, every time Shilpa holds him, her hand gets slips off from John's body.

In an interview to a news daily, director Tarun Mansukhani said, "We all put on lots of sun block on because it was sunny and we didn't want to tan too much. One day, John put on so much sun block that in the shot where he's taking pictures of Shilpa on the bike, Shilpa couldn't put her arms around him. She kept slipping and falling!"

Shilpa added, "John had so much oil on him and every time I put my hand on his abs I would fall! I literally fell for John! I slipped and ended on my knees every time because he was chikna and slippery. Finally, I told him to wipe off some off the oil. But I've never seen anyone looking so hot as John! I would keep telling him 'John, please go away you look so good that nobody's looking at me. John's got the hottest body!"