Shilpa, Raj getting married in October

Where the couples in the tinselville mostly preferred to keep their relationship under warp, the long legged actress Shilpa Shetty stood exceptional on that matter. She is very easygoing about her affair with businessman Raj Kundra from day 1 itself. With her active participation in IPL, she has shocked the world by declaring the time of her marriage with Raj. The duo has decided to get married in October.

Raj further added that he has spoken to Shilpa’s parents and they have fixed the date later this year. They will go for Indian way of wedding as both like the traditional way of marriage.

“I have very traditional views of marriage. I’ve seen my parents maintain a 35-year marriage and I really believe marriages are made in heaven. I’ve always said that the day I decide to tie the knot it is going to be for good,” Shilpa said.

“I have often wondered who the right person would be and I’ve come to realize that for me it is Raj. I’m completely sure he is my soul mate,” she added.

34-year-old millionaire, Raj is very excited to have Shilpa as his soul mate, he quips, “I have spoken to Shilpa’s parents and we are doing it the Indian way. In India, you don’t get engaged until just before the wedding, so I didn’t go down on one knee to her or anything like that. But we have definitely set a date for this year".