Shilpa, Raj’s mother discuss marriage

Though heavy downpour spoiled Shilpa’s Rajasthan Royals game with Mumbai Indians, she is not at all heartbroken but quite optimistic about her team. If on one side nothing fruitful is happening with her team while on the other side a new development is taking place. Shilpa and Raj’s mom met nearby Cape Town and discussed the duo’ relationship and wedding in details.

Shilpa divulged and added, "Yes, Raj’s mom and my mom stayed back in Cape Town while we came to Durban . So what if the rains washed away our cricket matches There’s the other match that happens soon. Such things happen and we just have to move on to our next game”.

While speaking about the progression of her relationship, Shilpa sounds quite happy and quips that her mom and would be mom-in-law are having a gala time together and they have discussed some important matter about their future while her father mainly concern about the IPL than her.