Shilpa now on your mobile phone!

Shilpa ShettyOther than films, Shilpa Shetty is spreading her wings in different dimensions. Post Big Brother, her popularity has increased immensely. She has been involved in different activities like launching her own S2 perfume in London, bringing out yoga CD and DVD etc. Now the great news for Shilpa Shetty fans is that she will be available on their mobile phones. Yes, Shilpa’s lessons on yoga will be displayed on mobile phones.  She will teach people the benefits of yoga. 

Yoga is the secret of Shilpa’s fitness and she will pass the lesson of remaining fit and fine to the common men via mobile phones. Films did not work out well for her and so now she is concentrating on film production with sister Shamita Shetty. Helping her on her endeavor will be her UK based businessman Raj Kundra.  She has not yet declared as what she is going to produce at first.