Shilpa may sue Raj Kundra’s wife and her legal woes in the UK

Shilpa Shetty is extremely upset that she is being labeled a home-wrecker. Recently Kavita the wife of UK based businessman Raj Kundra accused Shilpa of being a home-wrecker and also claimed that she and Raj were seeing each other. However Shilpa completely denies any of the allegations claiming that Raj has a business tie up with her and that she only met him in a professional capacity about three months back. Shilpa claims that she may also sue Kavita Kundra for tarnishing her image. Meanwhile Shilpa has her own set of legal troubles; it seems she herself is being sued by a few UK companies.

Shilpa Shetty was recently given a doctorate by the Leeds University in UK increasing the number of her fans out there. However after hearing that Shilpa has been accused of being a home breaker, her image may get tarnished and she may actually take legal action against Kavita Kundra. Shilpa says “If she (Kavita) continues to tarnish my name out of any insecurity or otherwise, I will consider taking legal action, as I see no reason why my name is being dragged into this mess.” However Shilpa may have to put her own suing plans on hold for now as she herself is facing legal troubles with a law form and security company out in the UK. Shilpa had consulted a law firm earlier and according to the company has not made their payments of around 13,000 pounds. Hence the law firm has sued Shilpa for non-payments of bills. Shilpa has also allegedly not made payments to a security company CTR Services. However Shilpa’s representative claims that there were some problems with the payment figures and as they had to be re-worked there was some delay in the transactions.

It seems that along with the opportunities always come the controversies hand in hand, but Shilpa is perhaps now already accustomed to such things. Shilpa has recently launched her perfume label S2 in the UK which is doing extremely well. She will soon launch her fashion line too.