Shilpa introduces Aisha Khanna in 'Dishkiyaaoon'

The film "Dishkiyaaoon" is the first ever home production of Shilpa Shetty and she is naturally very excited about it. However, the actor for the lead role in the movie is yet to be finalized. Talking about the cast of the film, Shilpa recently said, "Very soon we will be finalizing the cast."

According to the tinsel town grapevines Shilpa and her husband (Raj Kundra) both wish to have Sanjay Dutt as the hero of the upcoming movie. When Shilpa was quizzed about this, she replied "It is not fair to speak about an actor till you really sign the person. Sanju is a very, very dear friend of Raj and me. I may want to sign Brad Pitt (laughs) for the film but till the time we sign him we can't talk about him. I will not speak about an actor that I have not signed. I would love to have Sanju in our film but as we all know that he is really tied up and I want to make this film soon and release it soon."

Once again it is the grapevines that inform that the shooting of the film is already in progress and Harman Baweja is the man who is playing the key role in the movie, although this news is not yet officially endorsed by Shilpa Shetty.

On the other hand we hear that Shilpa is introducing a fresh face in the movie as the lead actress. The lucky girl is named Aisha Khanna. Seems like Shilpa has taken a leaf out of Salman Khan’s book and started promoting new talents. Well, it is a good news for Bollywood, promoting new talent is a healthy practice. Besides, a new talent always charges less amount than the well established counter parts.

This girl, Aisha is a dress designer by profession and she went to meet Shilpa to discuss the costumes for the film. But Shilpa was bowled over by her charm and offered her the lead role in the movie. As Shilpa states, "Instead, I asked her whether she would like to act. I liked her face, she is really beautiful and I coaxed her to become an actress. We screen-tested her." Lucky Aisha!

We are curious to catch the first glimpse of her in the movie. If a gorgeous lady like Shilpa praises someone’s beauty, she must be really worth it.