Shilpa doesn't want Shamita on Bigg Boss

Shilpa  Shetty might have achieved name, fame in participating and winning the reality show Big Brother in UK but she is against her sister Shamita Shetty's decision of taking part in Bigg Boss 3. Shilpa has got her own reason to go against Shamita’s decision.

"Ok! It's out, my sister Shamita is in the Big Boss house. Took the next flight to Bombay from London when she told me she was going in, I scurried to spend the last two days before she left, tried to dissuade her; considering she'll be away for three months if she lasts!," Shilpa wrote on her blog.

Shilpa remembered the days of racial discrimination in the house of Big Brother which created so much hullabaloo in UK as well as in India. It takes a lot of patience to be a part of such show and she praised her sister for showing the guts. "She had her reasons to take part, felt it was a great opportunity to test herself and her level of patience. Must say she's been very brave 'cause trust me, it takes a lot of gumption considering she's an introvert and very private," she added.

Shilpa who hosted Bigg Boss 2 said that she enjoyed watching Amitji on TV again. "...I enjoyed watching Amitji on TV again. I had missed him, and as usual he's doing a great job! His panache is unmatched," Shilpa wrote.