Shilpa and I will have a baby by next year, Apoorva

The latest eviction Apoorva Agnihotri said that he and Shilpa are planning to embrace parenthood soon. The duo has been married for the past few years. Shilpa has also expressed her desire to become a mom soon on Colors channel.

When asked Apoorva candidly replies, "God willing, as soon as possible. I'm sure Shilpa and I will have a baby by next year and I will send you the pictures too. We need the child to complete our special circle of joy! And we are ready to become parents!"
Asked whether he and Shilpa had any regression about not able to clear up the controversial issue of rave party on the show, "I have no regrets, really! As far as I'm concerned, that chapter is over! We were at a wrong place at wrong time. It's all destiny, and you just can't fight it! Shilpa and I had no intention to ever bring up that ugly episode inside the celebrity house because police has already given us a clean chit! And it's over as far as we are concerned," says Apoorva.

Apoorva candidly confessed that he is totally dependent on his wife for every reason. He admits he is a henpecked husband. “I became extremely homesick after Shilpa left the house. I’m a henpecked husband. I rely on my wife for everything. She decides what I should wear, what I should eat... sab kuch! I started missing her positive energy around me,” says the 40-year-old. Shilpa was evicted from the Colors’ show a couple of weeks back.

Speaking about the show, Apoorva said, “In this show small things get blown out of proportion. Say for instance, kisine apna cup nahin dhoya uspe jhagra shuru. Toh main chup chap woh cup dho deta tha. I’d take a stand at something that’s worth it, not for such silly things in life,” says Apurva, who supports Kushal Tadon and wants him to be back.

“He should not just come back but should win the show. That boy had the balls for standing up for what he believes, irrespective of the consequences.” So does he support Kushal on what he did? “Of course I do. If Andy behaved like that (the way he did with contestant Gauhar Khan) with Shilpa, I, too, would have been mad at Andy,” says Apoorva.