Shilpa and her mom sent sweet to Shamita

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty came to know about her sister Shilpa Shetty’s engagement from the new entrant Pravesh Rana. Since then Shamita was restless to know about the authenticity of the report. Bigg Boss finally informed Shamita about the engagement and Shamita broke down into tears.

A spokesperson from Bigg Boss said, “Bigg Boss did not inform Shamita about it because it’s against the rules. Shilpa and her mother had a meeting with Bigg Boss team and decided to inform Shamita about the engagement. They wrote a letter and sent sweets to her.”

Before the D-day, Shilpa wished to spend some days with Shamita but uncertainty still hangs over Shamita whether she will get relief from the game or not.   

When the Bigg Boss team was asked whether Shilpa contacted them, they replied, “No we haven’t received any information regarding this. Shilpa hasn’t spoken to us about it. Shamita will be in the house till she is eliminated.”

Now the only way to attend Shilpa’s wedding is to get nominated and then get eliminated.