Sherlyn to go to the Cannes Film Festival

France is in store for some surprise. The Cannes Film Festival that is to be held next year will see many Bollywood heroines making their mark there. A name that is surprising among stars like Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and even Mallika Sherawat who are now regulars at the Cannes every year, is Sherlyn Chopra.

Sherlyn Chopra is a struggling model, who has made some insignificant roles in some films like “Raqeeb” and “Dil Bole Hadippa”.

She recently posed nude for Playboy magazine to further her existence in the industry. She received a lot of flak for posing in the famed adult magazine. However, this gave her the chance of acting in a film which has been given the name “Kamasutra 3D”. The film is based on the book Kamasutra by Vatsyayan. It is being directed by Rupesh Paul. This is going to be Sherlyn’s first film in which she will be the lead. She has shed her clothes for this film as well.

Rupesh on casting Sherlyn for his film had earlier said, “Sherlyn has exotic Indian looks and a bold attitude to carry a role like this. The film will assure maximum utilization of her talent and beauty. Besides, it will also be challenging and exciting for me as a director to portray her in a new bolder avatar.”

This film’s first look was recently unveiled at the NFDC’s film bazaar in Goa.  There it had been declared that the film will be unveiled abroad as well. A source said “The posters of the movie have been launched in the American film market”. He added “Yet another highlight is that the most debated text has been turned into a 3D film.”

He also unveiled the filmmaker’s plans of coming up with the sequel to this film “Kamasutra 3D would be the first in the 'Kamasutra' trilogy and the second and the third would be 4D and 5D respectively.”

She seems very excited to unveil the first look of her film there. Thus the Indian media out there will not leave any chance to catch Mallika and Sherlyn making racier and indelicate comments. They will surely grab the headlines for their statements.

Mallika Sherawat has been to the Cannes film festival before and thus she is experienced and knows how to conduct herself. However, Sherlyn too has been off-late been traversing paths that had earlier not been tread by any, but she has been able to manage well.