Sherlyn’s nude picture is out of twitter

Sherlyn Chopra’s nude picture posted on Twitter is taken off the site. Her naked picture has attracted many eyes. Sherlyn’s bold picture is considered vulgar and offensive. Therefore, she was asked to take off her image from the site.   

A source said, “Sherlyn Chopra has converted her account (@SherlynChopra) into an exhibition of her images. This public display has attracted eyeballs resulting in an increasing number of followers each day.

"But these provocative images have been condemned by a section of the followers who claim to be social activists.

"Not only have they threatened online to lodge an FIR against her but have successfully managed to inform Twitter about her act and lodge an official complaint against her.

"The site has now asked her not to upload bold images.”

Like her picture, Sherlyn’s is bold enough to justify her image as correct.

Chopra said, “Nice, beautiful girls get bullied online because all it takes is one jerk with a log-in and a grudge to launch a vicious, nameless attack.

"These people resent women because they feel outpaced by them and express it anonymously.

"Is there no freedom of expression anymore? My images are sensual, not suggestive. I’m an Indian and I shall not do anything that goes against my ethos.”