Sherlyn Chopra to make Cannes debut with 'Kamasutra 3D'

Sherlyn Chopra has become quite a well known name in Bollywood with her participation in the Bigg Boss show. She will now appear at the Cannes film festival to attend the release of her film Kamasutra 3D. This erotic fantasy has teased generations of Indians and the film is now going to be screened at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival to be held next month.

The bold and sexy siren has already made news with her performance in Bigg Boss. It was later as she went on to become the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy picture that Sherlyn truly began to make news. She had continued to bless her fans with peeks at her nude pictures over the internet, but it is the photo spread for Playboy which gave her the chance to work in the legendary Kamasutra 3D film. Here, she plays a princess and will appear nude in quite a few scenes. In fact, she might have set some sort of record while shooting for the film. According to sources, she had to stay nude for 22 hours straight for the shooting of some scenes for the movie. The actress was covered in body paint and nothing else! So, if she had to put on clothes, they would have smudged and would need to be done over again. Sherlyn is nothing if not professional. So, she agreed to stay nude for the entire 22 hours that it took to complete the scene. Cigarettes helped her to take the mind off the nudity as the strictly no smoking zone was made a smoking zone only to accommodate her.

After so much labor, Sherlyn is ready to attend the gala event at Cannes with director Rupesh Paul.  A special screening of the film will be held in May. The International Film Festival at Cannes is celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema and Kamasutra 3D was one of the films selected. Director Rupesh Paul who was not ready to compromise with nudity or the spirit of the film said, "Though the festival committee is honoring 100 years of Indian Cinema, not a single major Indian studio has responded by announcing something big on such a platform".

In addition, Sherlyn and Rupesh will attend 5 major events to mark the 100 years of Indian cinema including the launch of a book titled ‘Harishchandra to Kamasutra 3D - 100 Years Of Indian Cinema.