Sherlyn Chopra shoots sex scenes for 'Kamasutra' in Hollywood

After Poonam Pandey hitting the headlines for bagging a film project titled “Nasha”, it is time for Sherlyn Chopra to be the next in news. This model-turned-actor’s film has been named “Kamasutra”.

The name might raise eyebrows, however, none can overlook the fact that she posed all nude for the magazine “Playboy” and this film will not be much different.

Sherlyn has been seen in the film, “Dil Bole Hadippa”, however her role in it had been

Insignificant, to say the least. To jump into the limelight she posed nude for the famed magazine “Playboy” and in the bargain she got some undisclosed sum of money.

The film with which she is debuting will be having many bold scenes which will be shot in Hollywood. This will be done to avoid any trouble or social protest out here in India.

Rupesh Paul, who is directing the film, is currently in Los Angeles in the hope of hiring a studio there. He said “Considering the touchy cultural atmosphere (in India) and the people’s sentiments; we have decided to shoot the scenes outside India. I met a line producer here who is well experienced in the field, and can easily facilitate any studio in Hollywood for the nude scenes.”

He also added that it was his friends pertaining to the industry who warned him about shooting the bold scenes in India. He said, regarding this “I was getting calls from my friends, warning me that no nude scenes should be shot in India. It may create unwanted issues. Some communal organizations can even exploit the situation just to make headlines.”

The other places that have been selected by the director for the shoot of the movie and its songs are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh.

The director Rupesh Paul recently premiered his first venture Saint Dracula 3D at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this year and hopes to premiere “Kamasutra” there as well next year.

When asked about selecting Sherlyn as the leading lady of the film, he said “Sherlyn has exotic Indian looks and a bold attitude to carry a role like this. The film will assure maximum utilization of her talent and beauty. Besides, it will also be challenging and exciting for me as a director to portray her in a bold new avatar.”

This film is also being made in 3D, for which he added “3D would add that extra dimension to the sexual positions described in the ancient treatise on the art of love.”