Sherlyn Chopra files complaint against ‘Kamasutra 3D’ director

Sherlyn Chopra and ‘Kamasutra 3D’ director Rupesh Paul’s tiff is strengthening with every passing day. Now, Sherlyn Chopra has replied back to Paul. She lodged a police complaint against the director for making sexual advances towards her and cheating her of Rs 7 lakh, of her total remuneration. She said in her complaint that Paul had refused to pay her the remaining money after she refused to make sexual favour.

The Santacruz police are investigating the case and police informed that after repeated request, the actress did not turn up at the police station to record her statement.

"We requested her to reach the police station and record her statement several times, but she did not come, stating that she has been busy," Chavan told PTI.

Sherlyn stated that she is too busy to come to the police station and will record her statement in a day or two.

"Either tonight or tomorrow, I will go to the police station to record my statement," Sherlyn Chopra told PTI.

Sherlyn Chopra and Rupesh Paul’s fight dates long back when Sherlyn posted few nude scenes from the movie without the director’s permission. Since then the director and the actress has been locking horns in various issues. Sherlyn also dissociated herself from the movie 'Kamasutra 3D' and did not turn up the music launch of the film which left the director in angry mood.

"Allegedly, Paul threatened to use her nude footage as porn in the global commercial porn market and not in the 'Kamasutra 3D' movie. Paul said that he would replace Sherlyn Chopra with another actress in the film," another police officer said, quoting the actress.

Sherlyn claimed that Rupesh Paul had sent her vulgar and obscene email, besides abusing her.

Meanwhile, the director Rupesh Paul denied seven lakh allegations against him.

"The payment was to be made in four parts. The fourth part (of Rs seven lakh) was to be paid, after she came for dubbing. (But) now that she has said that she is not doing the movie and would not do dubbing, what should we pay her for," Paul told PTI, reacting to her allegations.

"She is a liar. These allegations are baseless. She used to call me 'Appa' and 'Captain'. She used to touch my feet before shooting. The fact is that she mentally tortured us a lot. She was too demanding and she made the crew wait for hours on the sets. It was hell working with her. It was because of the producers that I had to adjust with her," Paul said.

Rupesh Paul further said that Sherlyn was too demanding and had thrown starry tantrums on the set.

He denied that he had sent her abusive emails. "I have all the evidence I have never sent her such messages or emails," he said.