Shekhar Kapoor and Dev Anand meets after 8 yrs

Actor and filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor has decided to pay a visit to his uncle Dev Anand on his 64th birthday. He has not met him for the last eight years. Shekhar Kapoor looks upon Dev Anand with high regards.

“It was a time of great reflection for me. As I looked back I suddenly realized I hadn’t met this amazing man Dev Saab for almost eight years. I told myself it’s time to learn a little bit about life from Dev Saab. He’s a karmyagi, completely fearless. I admire myself for being completely fearless. But I think he is even more fearless than I am.”

Shekhar Kapoor regrets for not meeting his untiring uncle for so many years, “I didn’t even meet him after Goldie (Vijay Anand) Saab’s death My fault. I was constantly traveling in recent years. I needed to re-connect with this amazing man who has gone through so many ups and downs in his life and yet continues to be tireless in his enthusiasm to make films. Wherever he goes he’s cheered and applauded. Maybe people don’t like to see his films any more. But the love for the man simply grows wherever he goes.”

Like Dev Saab, Shekhar Kapoor also likes to take challenges in life.