Sheila and Munni fights it out on popularity chart

Munni Badnam Hui conceptualised by Lyricist and Music Director Lalit Pandit has created an up-roar in the Hindi Film industry. With a figure many women would envy and a great sense of rhythm Munni sways to the music in a manner that would leave the audience thumping their feet to the beat of the music. As for Malika Arora Khan this was the first time that she was seen on a home production. The thumka’s along with the nasal voice of the singers Mamata Shankar and Aishwarya gave the song masala to take Munni to the heights it has reached.

Sheila on the other hand a product of Tees Maar Khan is a dance that the Hindi Film audience is going to remember for a long time. This song is choreographed by Farah Khan and has the audience captivated by the rhythmic movement of Katrina Kaif.

Tantalizing moves catchy words and lovely figures of both Munni in Munni badnam Hui and Sheila in Sheila ki jawani leaves the audience enthralled. Music director Vishal and Shekhar along with the Lyricist Vishal Dadlani have combined English words and music to give Sheila the correct spice of life. The voices both of Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal Dadlani, gives an out of the world feeling which helps the audience sway to the rhythm.

All choreographers pick both these songs for dance competitions as they too are aware of the great fan following of these two item numbers and expect a major vote from the audience too. The difference of the two films is that the character Munni is an item girl and not the heroine in the film while Shiela is the heroine in her film.

Sheila correctly mentions in the song that she is here to “drive you crazy”, and although she is very sexy she teases saying “Main tere haath na aani”. Munni too on the other hand teases saying “le Zandu balm hui darling tere liye”. This sends the audience in a split of laughter.

Both these songs which are called the item numbers of the films carry so much weight that even critics have to refrain from criticizing the film as the audience will go ahead  and disagree. For people who have seen these films are bound to agree that Malika Arora Khan and Katrina Kaif have done a very good job. They have both carried the film to a great success and of-course the directors knew the correct ingredients for a film to do well. The correct spice is a song and a dance number which sweeps the audience to their feet and makes them happy as they come out of the pains of the real world.

Farah Khan the choreographer for both films is aware of the popular movements and is able to load the song with the correct moves. Malika is a dancer herself and must have found it comparatively easy to shoot for the sequence while Katrina who is basically an actor trained for the belly dance moves to give the song the correct effect. Both have put up such a spectacular show that it will be the talk of town for sometime and a learning point for many choreographers and directors.

Thumbs- up for both Sheila and Munni for making people buy tickets to watch a entire film for a dance which is well talked about.