Shefali Shah and family tested positive for Coronavirus?

Rumour buzzed that actress Shefali Shah and her family tested positive for coronavirus. The actress clarified on her social media account. 

The actress, in her post, clarified that she and her family is safe, “I want to say that I’m absolutely fine. And dealing with this entire situation as well as everyone else is dealing with it. Dealing. I’m fine and I would never think of something so drastically negative. All of us at home are fine and safe... we are not corona positive as was one of the things that was written in my post. (By god knows who.).”

She also thanked people for reaching out to her. “My FB account was hacked last night and I woke up to a flurry of messages of concern of care of people reaching out and saying wonderful things to me and saying that if I need to talk I should call. Some people even shared their telephone numbers. These are people I’ve met, probably never met or met briefly, or occasionally sometime somewhere. of them and all of them just showed care and concern.”

“A lot of them in fact also said this doesn’t sound like you it’s not a positive voice and it just doesn’t sound like you and we are hoping your account (not good) but rather hacked than you ever saying something like this. Because you’re valuable and precious... Thank you all. Thank you so much for reaching out and being there... it means a lot to me,” added Shefali.