Shefali Jariwala, husband Parag Tyagi to adopt a child soon

The ‘Kaata Laga Girl’ Shefali Jariwala and her husband Parag Tyagi are soon going to adopt a child. The actress wanted to adopt a child when she was 10-11 years old.

"When I was 10-11 years old, I got to know about adoption and since then I have had this thing in my mind that I will adopt a child," said Shefali.

But to convince Parag and her family was not easy for Shefali. "It wasn't easy convincing them. My father said that my first child should be mine and I can adopt the second child. I told Parag that I wanted to adopt a child to give him or her a better future. When I explained this to Parag, he agreed and now he is with me on this decision," she added.

Shefali shared that they have initiated the adoption procedure but it can take two to three years. "Adoption process is not that easy in India. We had initiated the process but due to the lockdown, it's on hold. Adoption process generally takes two to three years," said the actress.