Shatrughan Sinha feels Sonakshi safe with Salman

Veteran actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha is a proud father today as his daughter Sonakshi Sinha makes her debut in Bollywood. But at the same time he feels little insecure about his daughter as from now she has to move alone and take her decision all by her own. Like any others, Shatrughan and his wife Poonam are also protective parents and worried about their daughter. But when there is someone to look after your dear ones, you feel safe and relax. Shatrughan also found someone who is protective about Sonakshi like them and he is none other then the handsome Khan of Bollywood, Salman Khan

Says Shatrughan, “I am very busy with my various political activities. My wife too is caught up in a family problem. So why not? Sonkashi is completely safe with Salman and the team. I’ll be accompanying Salman and Sonakshi to Patna soon where they will pay a flash visit to a cancer hospital. Beyond that I can’t accompany her everywhere.”

According to the veteran actor, his daughter has been spoiled by the love and affection showered by the Khan production and their family. “She has been completely spoilt by Salman and Arbaaz. I see alot of myself in Salman. He is fearless and not awed by anyone, just like me,” quips Shatrughan.

Shatrughan moved into tears watching his daughter getting so much love from Salman and the team members, “I can confidently say that my daughter was pampered, protected and promoted beautifully in her debut film by Salman and his family. He has given Sonakshi a princess’ launch. She couldn’t have hoped for a better launch vehicle. When he said that Sonakshi is the entire industry’s daughter, I was moved to tears. Who says Bollywood is not a place for decent girls?” questions Shatrughan.

We wish ‘Dabangg’ a box office success.