Shatrugan Sinha down with breathing trouble

Shatrugan Sinha is a well known name in the Bollywood industry. The sixty six year old actor joined the tinsel town in the 1970s. He have portrayed some memorable characters in the ever green movies Kalicharan, Naseeb, Shaan, Kaala Patthar, Kranti, Khudgarz, Vishwanath etc.

This year haven’t been good for the health of the veternana actors of the B town. Rajesh Khanna being the last one to report ill health. Therefore, concerns were high as Shatrugan Sinha got admitted to the hospital. The shotgun from Patna as he was popularly called in the industry, was reported to have acute breathing problem.

The actor was admitted to the prestigious Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital on Monday, some time around afternoon. He complained of breathing trouble. The COO of the hospital informed the reporters that he was having difficulty to breathe. However, his condition is much stable today and he is expected to be released from the hospital soon. As per the doctors, the condition arised as an allergic reaction to the  fumes of paint. Incidentally painting and renovation work is going on at his home in Mumbai.

The actor was accompanied by his wife Poonam Sinha and two sons to the Mumbai based hospital. It is to every one’s relif that the actor responded well to the medication and his health improved fast. Sonakshi Sinha is the successfulBollywood actress and daughter of Shatrugan Sinha.

She was not beside her father during his hospitaliztion. She however didn’t appreciated the fact that the media is making a news of his father’s minor ailment. It is evident from her twit, which states “Making moutains out of mole hills (baat ka batangadh) about someones health is NOT cool. My father is hale and hearty …”. We support Sonakshi and wish Shatrugan well.