Sharmila confirms Saifeena’s wedding in October

It is a big question. When are Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor going to get married?

The duo has been bombarded with this question quite often by the media. Being disgusted Kareena recently said, “It's a Rajya Sabha debate. Everything I do, becomes a national issue, I could well be married you know. How would that make a difference? I could have been married three years ago and still done a Heroine. But yes you will know when I do.”

However, Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore had thrown some new light on the issue. She said that the weeding will take place in October this year. It will be in Delhi. It’s meant to be a private affair, with only the families of the couple attending the function. Though, a big reception is also on the cards for B-town celebrities in Mumbai later on.

Earlier it was speculated that, the wedding ceremony may be held in the Patuadi Palace in Bhopal. The recent renovation work undertaken for that had given rise to that speculation. Though, Mrs. Patuadi ignored that and said, “After Nawab sahab’s funeral, the garden and the area nearby at the Pataudi palace needed some work. We are getting it renovated and a wall has been built. But it has nothing to do with the wedding.”

After the success of ‘Agent Vinod’ it was thought Saifeena would tie the knot soon. But it didn’t happen.  It’s not only us who are anxious about it. Kareena’s sister Karishma is eagerly waiting for it too. She said, “All I can say is, of course, I am excited and it will be wonderful. Even I can't wait for Kareena's weeding anymore.”

It also seems everyone is waiting for the release of Kareena’s movie ‘Heroine’ on September 21st. It’s thought to be the most important movie of her career. She is without any of the big Khans of the industry in the movie. The success of the movie solely depends on her.  When asked if ‘Heroine’ would be game changer that will prove that an actress too can pull off a film successfully; Kareena said, “It's a male dominated industry. One ‘Dirty Picture’ and a ‘Heroine’ can't change the tide. It's not the actor alone but even the director needs to change his mind set." 

Kareena seems to be enjoying her work at the moment. Hope her wedding too goes off smoothly.