Shankar's ‘I’ set to exceed worldwide earning of ‘PK’

<PK>Shankar’s ‘I’ is on its way to becoming a global smash hit. The Tamil and Telugu versions of the film were released on the 14th of January, while the Hindi version of ‘I’ released on the 16th of January. The one record that this film has broken with exceptional ease is that of ‘PK’s’ worldwide collections.

‘PK’ fared averagely abroad, whereas ‘I’ has worked its magic, and has earned a whopping Rs.6.18 crore from the United States alone. Rs. 4.3 crore was garnered by the Tamil version which was showcased across the country on 222 screens. Rs. 1.81 crore was garnered by the Telugu rendition, which was showcased in 131 venues. The Hindi version received a limited release in America, with only 36 screens showcasing it. The gross earnings, consisting of collections made from all three versions are Rs. 6.18 crore. However, this figure is exclusive to America.

The Canadian collection of Shankar’s ‘I’, is $201,207 and in the United Kingdom the film’s Tamil version alone earned Rs. 2.41 crore. Interestingly ‘PK’ earned a mere Rs. 23.56 lakh out of the Rs. 12.02 crore, which is the combined total collection of both films in Canada. ‘PK’ has earned Rs. 52.36 crore in five weeks internationally, whereas ‘I’ has a managed a collection of Rs. 39.08 crore in its first weekend.              

The movie ‘I’ stars Vikram and Amy Jackson in vital roles and other cast members are Santhanam, Upen Patel, Rajkumar Ganesan and Suresh Gopi. This film revolves around the story of Lingesan played by Vikram. Lingesan, goes from being a common man to a leading model of the ad world, and finally transforms to a hunchback. The movie opens with Diya (Amy Jackson) being kidnapped from her marriage. This story deals with the emotions of love, jealousy, hatred, lies and deceit. ‘I’ is the deadly virus which causes the deformations in Lingesan’s appearance.     

Shankar had approached Rajinikath with the story of ‘I’ in 1996. Rajinikanth was not sure that it would make a great movie so he did not take up this project. Renowned music director A.R. Rahman has composed the scores for this film.

This is not the first time that the duo of Shankar and Vikram has created a blockbuster. Their previous project ‘Anniyan’ was also a hit and since then, audiences have been waiting eagerly for this duo’s next project. The story and its special effects seemed to have captivated audiences as it is evident by ‘I’s earnings in both domestic and international markets.