Shame Shame! Boman Irani ditches Dia Mirza on her wedding

Dia Mirza considered Boman Irani as her father. Since Dia lost her father much before, she got a word from Boman that he would perform all the rituals of Dia when she gets married. On Saturday, Dia married to her long time beau Sahil Sangha and shockingly, Boman who is said to be a man of words did not turn up for the wedding to do Dia’s Kanyadaan.

His last minute no show left the new bride in teary eyes. Dia could not believe that the man whom she considered her father from the core of her heart could ditch her on such important day of her life. Dia Mirza and Boman Irani got emotionally attracted when they worked together in Raj Kumar Hirani's ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ (he played her father in the film).

Dia is a very emotional girl, she moved into tears with Boman’s absent from her wedding. His last minute non-appearance has left everyone shocked. Says a close friend of the bride, "Dia is a wonderful soul, a truly kindred spirit who believes in life-long commitments. When she had invited Boman to take her father's place at her wedding she meant it from her heart. Boman readily agreed to be there. Known to be a man true to his words, he however let down his adopted daughter on the most important day of her life."

Dia was apparently in shock. "The girl was in tears. There was panic at the wedding trying to find someone suitable to replace Boman at the last minute," says Dia's friend.

As reported earlier, an excited Dia had said, “Boman will be performing all the duties and rituals of the father during my wedding ceremony. It was a promise that he had made to me when we did Raju Hirani’s Lage Raho Munnabhai together.”

Dia beforehand informed Boman about her wedding time and venue and days before the wedding, Boman even confirmed about his presence. It’s a matter of great shame how a responsible man can act in such an irresponsible way.

Apparently, Boman couldn't make it to the wedding as he was busy promoting ‘Happy New Year’.

Shame, Shame Boman Irani!