Shaleen Bhanot walks free, wife Daljeet Kaur drops charges

TV actress Daljeet Kaur has dropped all the charges against her estranged husband and actor Shaleen Bhanot. It was learnt that the couple has agreed for out of court settlement rather than making rounds of court. Shaleen now heaved a sigh of relief.

The actor was slapped with several charges, including dowry harassment, attempt to murder and domestic violence. Bombay High Court has finally given clean chit to Bhanot.

Speculations are rife that Shaleen gave Daljit a few crores to end the matter.

When asked about the settlement, Daljeet said, “He gave me some money but not a huge amount. I didn’t see the point of it all. Going to the court time and again would have been a waste of time and energy. Also, my parents adviced me to end the matter.”

Releived Shaleen says, "The first few months after Dalljiet accused me of beating her up were unbearable — I stopped going out. But now, I am happy that the court has dropped all the charges. Finally, I am a free man. This is a message to all those who judged me before the verdict."

But the bigger relief, he says, is that his parents will not have to make frequent visit to court, "It was extremely painful to see them visit the court every 15 days. As their son, my biggest responsibility was to pull them out of that mess," he explains.

Shaleen's biggest priority now is his son Jordan (earlier Shaarav). "I want a balanced childhood for my son. He should get both his parents' love and so, for his well-being, I will always be cordial with Dalljiet," he signs up.

Married in 2009, the couple separated in 2015.