Shahrukh predicted diabetes, blood pressure

Our King Khan is doing many things at one time. Apart from films and endorsements, he is taking many new works in hand. He is endorsing products like never before, we had also seen him shedding sweat for Kolkata IPL, traveled from one point to another to cheer up his team, recently, he turned property dealer and sold complexes in Dubai. If one leads such a hectic schedule and takes up so much stress and stain, health will obviously show some problem and famous numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani also predicted the same.

After a through study of all the stars and galaxies of Shahrukh, he has predicted a tough time ahead of Shahrukh. According to Sanjay, "Shah Rukh is entering his 44th year and the addition of 4 + 4 amounts to number 8, which represents Saturn or Shani that can cause illness over anxiety, stress, blood pressure and diabetes."

He is the same numerologist who has forecasted Amitabh’s illness two days prior to his birthday. He had predicted Big B’s hospitalization owing to stomach trouble. And as we have all seen his prediction went true.

Jumaani is hoping that this time his prediction regarding Shahrukh proves wrong and he leads a healthy life. "Again I am hoping I am wrong. I was, of course, very moved by Mr Bachchan's plight and conveyed my concern to his family," says Jumani.