Shahrukh’s stardom comes with shades of loneliness

Stardom does not come easy to all but there is no doubt about everybody wanting it. However, one thing that all and sundry know of is that there are pros and cons to it. With achievement comes the independence to delve into the finer luxuries of life, without a shade of doubt, but what tags along with it is a feeling of lonesomeness.

This has been best exemplified by the ‘King Khan’ of the Hindi Film Industry himself. What is keeping Shahrukh Khan occupied at the moment is the work associated with his autobiography. It has been reported that only the finishing touches are to be specified in his book.

This autobiography postulates the development of this actor, right from his infantile stage to his coming into prominence. Reading out extracts from his book, at the Think Fest Conclave- an event held every year- that was organised in Goa, Shahrukh Khan bared his heart out to the media and everybody present there. He said that he felt lonely at the top to the surprise of everybody.

He also referred to his perpetual struggle with his “feeling of emptiness” and went on to say “There is something wrong in me. I sense it. I feel it but I don’t know what it is.”

He also added “Four years back, my daughter used to think that I am Aamir Khan and for my son I am always a hero”.

On a more philosophical note, he described his feelings in these words, “Somehow there is this feeling of emptiness. I have this restlessness, strangeness, which I fill up with my acting.”

Recalling his childhood, Shahrukh Khan said to the media that he, who lost his father when he was only 15 years of age, has been through trying times as there was always dearth of money. Thus, as he has been close to the harsh and brutal realities of life, he finds it easier to depict these experiences into his films. Adding to this he said, “I have a beautiful family. I have a few friends with whom I spend lot of time. I don’t want to die like my father. I don’t want to be unknown. I would like to be just successful. Believe me it is lonely at the top.”

Shahrukh Khan’s interview at this Think Fest conclave presented his ideologies and true feelings, which in-turn mirrored his inner self.