Shahrukh's special act at Zee Cine Awards

The 14th edition of the Zee Cine Awards is around the corner as it is to be held on 8th of February 2014. Superstar Shahrukh is all set to perform in the award function this year, he have hosted a few earlier editions of the award function too. This year he plans to do something special.

Shahrukh Khan has planned for a special performance on the award night with his co-stars. The idea came to him while he was travelling for a mini world tour. In Shahrukh’s own words, "This is a very special performance. I was doing a mini world tour and that time I got this idea of putting up an act with my co-actors. We haven't started anything yet and it is still just a thought. But I hope the item that we put up will be very interesting. I think everyone will like it."

King Khan also went on to add that, "As a matter of fact, I would even love to host sections. Zee Cine is a kind of comfort zone for me. I would like to host also but this time I would like to keep something special for the performance, work harder on it because hosting is a big job."

There is a popular belief that the actors who perform at an award function are given the awards. When Shahrukh was asked about this, he curtly replied, "Those who perform are mostly those who have had a good year. Those who haven't had a good year are not normally invited to perform."

Shahrukh went on to add, "So, if they have had a good year, they will obviously get the awards. So, there is logic, but some people look at it cynically." We agree with the views of Shahrukh. Sore losers do spread rumors but we should use our head to see the truth.

Zee Cine Awards is a prestigious function and the gala event will aired on 23rd February 2014. The program will be simultaneously shown in three channels, namely Zee Anmol, Zee TV, and Zee Tamizh. Abhishek Bachchan will be hosting the award function show this year. We sure hope that the program becomes a success and increases the TRP for all the three channels. Fans will look forward to watch the special performance of Bollywood Badshah King Khan on the awards night.