Shahrukh’s ‘low’ English score in DU form sends social media into tizzy

A person’s academic record has little to do his/her success and achievements in life, and an instance in point is Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The ‘Raees’ actor is known for his oratory skills, wisdom and wit – as evident from his speeches at the recent TED conference and a top British varsity. And it is hard to believe that he scored only 51 percent marks when her graduated from school!

Recently, Shah Rukh’s admission form for Delhi University’s Hansraj College was shared on the institute’s Facebook page which has attracted a lot of attention. In the form, Shah Rukh’s marks in Physics and Math are also mentioned, but people are occupied with his English scores.

While some are surprised that the actor can speak English so well despite scoring half of the total marks, others are unhappy about the increased cut-offs in today’s time that makes it impossible to get admission in a good college, let alone a high-rated college like Hansraj.

Some reactions are inspiring telling that spoken English has nothing to do with exams, and that it is one's determination and not marks that will ultimately decide if you will become successful. While others questioned that if marks actually don’t matter, why does the system of cut-offs exist? A direct interview with the panel should be the entry criteria. One section is of the opinion that back in those days, scoring high marks wasn’t that easy.  

The Hans Raj College principal Dr Rama, echoed their sentiments and told Hindustan Times, "Sharing an admission form is not illegal but making fun of his marks is not right. Students should understand that the scenario was different back then. The marking scheme and checking was different and difficult back then. I feel proud that Shah Rukh is from my college and marks don’t matter, it is the overall development that matters."

This is not the first time, and Shah Rukh’s admission form did the rounds of the internet earlier also. However, Minhaj Hussain, the admin of the portal confirmed its authenticity and told the daily, “We shared it online to showcase that marks don’t matter if you are hardworking enough and know your aim in life. And, who can be a better person to set an example than Shah Rukh Khan? Through our portal, we encourage students. Also, celebrity posts attract a lot of traffic and students tend to talk about them more. When it’s the King of Bollywood, traffic is must.”