I want to be an actress, says Suhana Khan

Shah Rukh Khan was on top of the world today as his daughter, Suhana captained her school, Dhirubhai Ambani High School to their title win of the MSSA-MI U-14 girls football tournament. Shah Rukh Khan, the proud father was beside himself with joy as he tweeted his daughter’s achievement with a newspaper clip containing the news. He tweeted, ‘Am quite reticent when it comes to praising kids’ achievements but this is highly ‘show off worthy’. You go girl!!!’ Suhana has a natural knack towards sports. She also pursues Taekwondo and claims to be quite good at it. Moreover, she is into athletics such as the 100m sprint.

So what’s the twist? The twist is that Suhana does not want to take up sports as her career. Instead, she wants to follow in daddy’s footsteps and become an actress someday. Now that is a brilliant example of ‘Daddy’s girl’! Suhana took to sports after watching her elder brother Aryan play football. She developed a liking for football and took it up herself. She said, ‘Initially, I played for fun, but slowly I started getting more competitive and taking the sport seriously.It’s the competitiveness which helped us become more attached to each other, and that’s the reason we are able to play well.’

If that is so, we must say Suhana is gearing up well to handle the competition in Bollywood where many succumb to the pressure. She is serious about her dream of being an actress.  About her dream, Suhana added, ‘I want to be an actress. Not just a Bollywood actress. My dad says that I should be an international actress and be open to acting anywhere in the world.’ On being asked about her favourite actor/actress in Bollywood, she said, ‘I don’t idolise anyone. My dad is my biggest idol’. People wondered whether she had discussed her career plans with her father, she quipped, ‘I have spoken to him about what I want to be when i grow up. He wants me to study acting and dabble with both Indian and international cinema. After finishing school, I plan to go abroad, possibly America to learn acting and become like dad one day’, adding that she does not want to study in India.

So what does Daddy Khan have to say about this? ‘I hope she (Suhana) becomes an actress. I want to see her on the big screen. I am proud of my daughter. I would love to see her as an actress.’