Shahrukh wants to celebrate Eid with Salman

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan shared screen space in hit movies like, `Karan Arjun`, `Kuch Kuch Hota Hai`, `Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam` and `Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega`, but their relationship went kaput in 2008 when SRK passed derogatory remarks about Kat and Salman’s relationship at Katrina Kaif’s birthday. They broke up publicly and media covered the incident from every angle. Since then things are worse between them but Shahrukh believes that things will be alright between him and Salman and he will invite Sallu someday at Mannat to celebrate Eid.

When asked King Khan whether he is going to invite Salman to watch ‘Chennai Express’ and celebrate Eid with him, he replied, "Even I am not watching `Chennai Express` this Eid as I am celebrating the festival... But actually most certainly, if there is an Eid function at my house or they have a function in their house, then invitations will go from both sides. It will happen someday. We will be more mature, either he will come or I will go to his house. Everything would be fine."

Shahrukh things that both were matured now and their relationship is no longer about oneupmanship. 

"It has gone beyond this (oneupmanship). There is no question of bowing or making him bow now. It may have been the case two-three years ago. Whether he should speak first or I should... We have become more mature now," Shah Rukh said.

He hugged Salman at politician Baba Siddhique’s Iftar party and said that he has a huge respect for him and his family.

"I have great respect for him, not only as a friend and as a family but as a star and as an actor. They helped me when I first came to Bollywood though I am the senior", said SRK.

Speaking about IPL, Shahrukh said he regretted losing his control during the IPL match at Wankhede stadium last year though he believes his behaviour was correct as a father.

"Yes, I was very angry. There were some people who were not behaving well with the children whom I had brought to watch the match. One of the men made a cheap remark and I lost my cool. After that incident, I have decided that I will never get angry in public... My wife Gauri and my children told me that I should not have reacted in this manner. I regret my behaviour," the actor said.

The actor was held at the US airport twice for his surname. He joked, "The American embassy apologised when it happened the first time but when it happened the next time, they told me that there is a terrorist who uses Shah Rukh Khan as an alias.

"So when I am at any US airport, they key in my name in the computer and then they ask me to wait... They are very polite but make you wait for four five hours. They check everything except making you remove your clothes," he added.