Shahrukh thanks Anuksha

Shahrukh has an experience of working with newcomers. His latest lead debutante is Anuksha Sharma of Bangalore. King Khan returns to his teenage while sharing screen space with Anuksha and totally impressed with the lady. He is awestruck to see her confidence level and acting potential. At the end of one scene, he went up to Anuksha and thanked her for making the film so beautiful.

Speaking about his lead lady, SRK said, "To be really honest, when I met Anuksha I felt that she's got an amazing amount of confidence, I think she has modeled before this on the ramp. She's a very pretty girl, very conscientious which I notice is a common trait in the youth of today. All youngsters are very conscientious, very confident and they have a very clear-cut thought process, they want to learn but they have a mind of their own and this is an experience. I am really finding very interesting in my phase of the career that I am working with youngster who come with an idea which is I would say they speak the language of this generation, they have expressions of this generation."

The actor continued, "The film becomes believable for Suri and everybody else in the film because of Anushka. She holds the film together. She is in the certain sense the main protagonist actually. At the end of one scene I went up to her and told her 'thank you for making my film so beautiful.' I think these are the two things I can say about Anushka and wish her all the best. I feel responsible for her career because she is starting of with me. I hope she does a fantastic job. Thank you for teaching me how to act in a different way and keeping me on my toes not just by virtue of being fresh and new, but also by being taller than me. I truly from the bottom of my heart pray for her. I hope we have got this film right for Adi and myself and does really good for her and she does some amazing amount of work so we can feel proud that we started her career on celluloid."