SRK-Shirish patch up, had lunch together

After a big brawl, Shahrukh Khan finally patched-up with Shirish Kunder. Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala played the peacemakers. They all went to Mannat sorted out the issue and made peace.

"Yes, I made the call to Gauri (SRK's wife) and Shah Rukh and asked if we could come over (to Mannat) and Gauri said, 'Farah doesn't need to ask permission for it.' In the meantime, Sajid (Nadiadwala) had called up Shirish and Farah," says Sajid.

Sajid Nadiadwala said that Shahrukh, Farah and Shirish have a relationship of 20 years. "So much so that Shah Rukh did Farah's 'kanyadaan,'" says Sajid. He informed that when they reached SRK's place, there was no problem or animosity in the air as they had lunch together. "Every family has ups and downs. So, our family too went through it. I credit Gauri and Nadiadwala for helping break the impasse," says Saiid.

"Neither Shirish and Farah nor Shah Rukh had any issues. In fact, they agreed to meet each other within 10 seconds," says Sajid.

Farah who was very much disturbed is happy about the patch-up. She adds: "It's always nice to read such stories like fun gossip but only those who are going through it understands the gravity," says the Om Shanti Om director, adding whenever she and Shah Rukh meet, it's like nothing happened between us. "And it was great to meet Gauri. She was also quite unhappy about everything and wanted this meeting to happen," she says.

Shirish also felt that after the fight; the relation between him and Shah Rukh has become stronger. "No one knows what actually happened. All are giving their own versions of the story. Such thing happen in parties. We all were drunk and high and so we got into arguments," he says. "We sorted out things because things were getting bitter and hundred of baseless things were being written."