Shahrukh-Salman’s hugging jokes trend on twitter

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan’s love – hate relationship has become a part of Bollywood folklore. The two superstars who were once close as brothers and used to appear in each other’s films, fell out after their now infamous fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2008. In the next five years they did not have any public showdown but has taken veiled potshots at each other. But from last year there were some signs of improvement. At an award show, the Two Khans hugged each other. They also repeated the same thing at an iftaar party organized by Congress party MLA Baba Siddique. This year history has repeated itself as the two Warring Khans again hugged at the same event.

Shahrukh and Salman’s hugging has become a national joke and many cracked jokes on their new friendship which are trending on twitter.

Here are few funny tweets:-

Tweet Joke 1 #SalmanHuggedSRK or #SRKHuggedSalman. National holiday declared in some parts of India after #SalmanHuggedSRK and...

Tweet Joke 2 #SrkHuggedSalman? Marks 21st July as World Hug Day? Or reschedule Friendships Day?

Tweet Joke 3 Toh Narendra Modi issi Ache din ki baat kar rahe the ??? #SRKhuggedSalman #readsomewhere :p

Tweet Joke 4 So, apparently #SRKHuggedSalman never happened. This is what really happened.

Tweet Joke 5 #srkhuggedsalman Mere Karan Arjun Agaye but Rakhi looks terrible with a moustache .

Tweet Joke 6 Now SRK Fans will start drinking ThumpsUp and Salman fans can enjoy Frooty

Tweet Joke 7 because Salman came to SRK :P RT @ShyFyy Why is #SalmanHuggedSRK and not #SRKhuggedSalman trending? #ImportantQuestions

Tweet Joke 8 This is absolutely epic! "@FakingNews: Rupee recovers after #SalmanHuggedSRK"

Tweet Joke 9 National holiday declared. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Tweet Joke 10 Breaking News: Baba Siddique nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Last Sunday Baba Siddique held his iftaar party like every year. The venue was a five star hotel in Mumbai. Shahrukh was sitting close to Salman’s father Salim Khan. When Salman came close to SRK's table the two were seen greeting each other cordially and shook hands. Then encouraged by their host they hugged each other and also posed for photos with Baba Siddique. Salman was looking cool in blue shirt, SRK was dashing in all black attire.

Many leading politicians like Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and Bollywood stars like Arjun Kapoor were present at the party to witness this rare occurrence. When Salman was asked by media persons about the chances of him and SRK getting together again, Salman responded, "Yeh sab Baba hi kara sakta hai. Yeh sab Iftaar tak hi seemith nahin. Inshallah aap humein aage bhi saath dekh sakte ho!” Salman then said that SRK was a nice person and he was always fond of him.

This is a big surprise as both Khans do not usually talk about each other in public. While these two are rarely seen together, SRK’s wife Gauri Khan was seen enjoying the Diwali bash last year with Salman and his family. Although Salman once said on popular TV show ‘Koffee With Karan’ that he and SRK are ‘best of friends now’, these yearly hugs have become a nice little routine.

The relationship between Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan begun to decline in 2002 but hit rock bottom in 2008 when the two reportedly got physical following an argument. Even Aamir Khan tried to solve the matter but failed. But looks like both the Khans are trying to leave the past behind them.