Shahrukh, Salman board the same flight

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan’s rivalry is not hidden to anyone. It started off during Katrina Kaif’s birthday and still continuing. Though Aamir Khan tried to break the ice between them, he failed. As far as possible, the two Khans try to avoid each other. But destiny somehow brings them closer. Recently, the two encountered in the mid-air on their return journey from London to India. Unknowingly, both board the same flight to India and at the same time. When they discovered that they have board the same flight, they avoided.

Says an eyewitness, "Both Shah Rukh and Salman boarded the flight without the slightest knowledge that both were going to share nine hours  of airspace together! Shah Rukh saw Sallu first. He appeared stunned, then he quietly went to his seat and sat down."

They were few seats away from one another. Shahrukh was silent but Salman acted naughty and tried every way to drag Shahrukh’s attention towards him. He was talking loudly so that it reaches to Shahrukh. "He kept pulling the airhostess's legs and behaving as if he was ready to go and brawl it out with the other Khan."

"After some reading, SRK went off to sleep. He didn't wake up for his meal. He woke up only when it was time to land. Throughout the flight, it was obvious Shah Rukh had decided to completely ignore Salman while he was itching for a fight. When Sallu saw SRK wasn't reacting to his verbal salvos, he too went off to sleep", says a source.

When the flight landed, both picked up their respective luggage and moved off in two opposite directions.