Shahrukh's 'Mannat'

Shahrukh KhanBollywood has been very kind towards Shahrukh as it raised him from a television artiste to the dizzy heights of super stardom. Shahrukh's dream came true in Mumbai, as it is the land of dream merchants. No doubt Shahrukh's hard work and...
...talent gave him the desired results. Like any other human being he dreamt of a house too, which could be a wonderland for him and his family. Some years back he bought bungalow named "Mannat" where he is staying at present. As they say the destiny has its own plans, the day he entered his new bungalow things started reversing for him.
The great star suffered as his much-hyped films bombed at the box office. Shahrukh's health also deteriorated as he suffered a major back problem. Everybody including Shahrukh considered "Mannat" unlucky. Before Shahrukh this bungalow was used for the shooting of films. According to reliable sources, many films shot in this bungalow got shelved. They included Aamir Khan's film and Shekhar Kapoor's sci-fi thriller 'Time Machine'. But why blame the bungalow? By the grace of God Shahrukh's son Aryan was born here, so how can this be unlucky for him? Moreover, Shahrukh tasted success in the recent past with his films proving blockbusters at the box office. Success and failure go together. These do come in everybody's life. Why then blame "Mannat" for certain unlucky things? After all it's "Home Sweet Home" for Shahrukh!