Shahrukh's impromptu jig sees him break a bottle on his head

It is a well known fact that SRK loves to do live performances as he loves to have a one on one interaction with his fans.SRK has an amazing contagious energy and enthusiam for every act that he performs. However recently SRK got a bit overexcited while performing at a function and accidently broke a bottle of wine on his own head.
SRK was at a function to launch a new bank scheme, however after the event his fans demanded that he perform a small act for them and SRK decided to oblige them. SRK called a man from the audience and decided to enact a scene from Devdas with him.Shahrukh also called for some bottles of wine as his props. However while enacting the scene,SRK got carried away and accidently broke a bottle of wine on his own head.Fortunately though he seemed unhurt and just brushed the matter aside. Sources claim "It was like watching Shahrukh performing a live stunt, who had imagined that he would break the glass bottle on his head while playing around with it." However it seemed there was more drama in store for the audiences, when another man imitated SRK's act and broke a bottle on his head. However the man was not as lucky as SRK or perhaps was not as good an actor as SRK. Immediately the man's head began to bleed and he was lead away.Everyone was concerned about Shahrukh but he insisted it was nothing serious and said "No, I'm not hurt at all." Well it seems that this time the actor escaped unhurt but perhaps SRK forgot to add a 'Do not try this at home' precaution to his fans.

The event was also attended by other stars like Esha Deol,Dia Mirza,Shreyas Talpade etc. Shahrukh and Shreyas got to know each other on the sets of Farah Khan's film Om Shanti Om and the two seem to be getting along quite well. They too were seen enthralling the audiences with their antics.Perhaps SRK needs to contain his energy a bit off screen, although it is this very energy and enthusiasm that audiences love in his films.