Shahrukh reveals his first crush

Many female fans fall weak at Shahrukh Khan’s knees but his heart was ruled by two yesteryears actress when he was in his teens, they are Saita Banu and Mumtaz. Shahrukh Khan during the music launch of his home production, 'Always Kabhi Kabhi’ said, “My first two crushes have been Mumtazji and Sairaji. Now I address them with a 'ji'. I always felt that they were the most beautiful ladies in the world. My father used to find Madhubalaji very beautiful".

The actor added that he used to shake a leg when he heard songs picturised on the two actresses.

"I remember Sairaji's Bhai Batur. She was in a tub in the video. Even I would get into a tub and dance. Then there was Mumtazji's Chakke Mein Chakka," said SRK.

When asked if he had a crush on any of the actresses from the present time, Shahrukh known for his witty answers said, "Times have changed. Now the girls have crushes on me."