Trailer: Shahrukh plays a warrior in new age graphic novel ‘Atharva’

King Khan enters a completely new dimension of film making accompanied with a brand new avatar. In the forthcoming graphic novel ‘Atharva- The Origin’ Shahrukh Khan will be seen as the central character.

SRK has always been a supporter of the use of technology and special effects in movies. ‘Ra.One’ is a fine example of the fact. With this graphic novel he takes the use of special effects to a much higher level. This project by Virzu Studios is a graphic novel written by author Ramesh Thamilmani while the illustrations are by Ramesh Acharya.  

Set in the ancient times ‘Atharva- The Origin’ tells the tale of a warrior and the journey of his life, amidst various queer beasts that are looming all around. Dragons, beasts and many more mythical creatures are found in the land which is inhabited by this warrior. Shahrukh Khan plays the role of a contender to the king’s throne. In the process he will discover his fate while many other secrets will also unfold.

The computer generated Shahrukh’s look in the recently released trailer is brilliant and blazing hot, he is also ripped and muscular. Embers flying around him and the fire in his veins are all showcased in a crystal clear manner. As a warrior dressed in heavy metal headgear and armour he looks charismatic and brave. His look of pride and vengeance jell perfectly well with his weapons. In the trailer, a brief look of the dragons has also been revealed.   

The trailer of this graphic tale was released by Virzu Studios on the 2nd of January. It has now become the talk of the tinsel town, and the world since, in a matter of three days the minute long trailer has garnered thousands of views on YouTube. This remarkable saga along with its stupendous graphics is a treat for graphic lovers. Several fans of the King of Bollywood hope that he will soon adapt this novel into a Bollywood movie through Red Chillies, which is his own production house.

Rumours are doings the rounds that the future definitely holds a feature film based on this graphic novel.  If a movie does in fact get produced and released it will be an absolute delight for Shahrukh fans all over the world. It will be interesting to see whether or not a trend of starring in graphic
novels begins in Bollywood after ‘Atharva- The Origin’.