Shahrukh performs at a Dubai wedding for 8 crores

Shahrukh Khan has won the heart of the Dubai newly married couple. He flew to Dubai to make a special appearance at the wedding of high profile couple and for 30 minutes performance; he was paid a hefty amount.

Shahrukh Khan’s charisma has charmed one and all. His great sense of humor, lively nature, entertaining capability made the wedding of Ahmed Hashem Khoory and Mariam Othman a memorable one.  He performed at Dubai's Madinat Jumeirah hotel on Thursday night and entertained the guest with his easy showmanship.

King Khan was paid a hefty amount of 8 crores for his 30 minutes appearance.  Despite hectic schedule, he made to the Dubai wedding.  He is such a big star but his grounded nature has won the ehart of the guests. All had a great time with the star. Shahrukh Khan interacted with the bride and groom, match dance steps with them form his hit numbers and collected all the good remarks in this 30 minutes show.

Dancing at a high profile wedding was shunned by many actors but Shahrukh and Salman Khan were few actors who still dances at weddings to earn quick buck.  SRK has charged about USD 15,000 which is close to Rs 8 crore for a wedding performance.

"It was on the invitation of Ahmed Hashem Khoory and Mariam Othman, the bride's parents, that SRK agreed to perform," confirmed Rashid Sayyed, who organises a majority of the actor's Dubai events and is a friend of the bride's family.

"It's not about Shah Rukh's price. Even two years back, he was charging Rs 4 crore for a performance and Rs 1 crore for an appearance. And these days, anybody can shell out that kind of money - that's roughly the cost of a super luxury sedan. The problem is getting him to perform. He is so busy that he only performs for people he personally knows. So unless you approach him through somebody he personally interacts with, he is not going to take up your assignment," said a source close to the actor.

Roughly, every year King Khan’s gets around 250 invites for wedding appearances/performances but he could took up only 10 of them for his busy schedule.
shahrukh khan
shahrukh khan