Shahrukh patches up with Salman at Arpita's wedding

While the wedding of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan was a much talked about event since the beginning, it became more so when the occasion also marked the patch-up between SRK and Salman who has been involved in a cold war since 2008.

Salman personally invited SRK to his sister’s wedding and Shahrukh reciprocated by making a surprise appearance at Arpita’s pre-wedding mehndi ceremony. The two Khans were clicked together, both planting an affectionate kiss to Arpita’s forehead. The photo has gone viral on social networking sites.

Salman personally attended SRK during his stay. Reportedly SRK also gifted Arpita a huge collection of designer bags from top international brands. While SRK-Salman has been seen together before on public events, it felt more like a formality.

But looks like the patch-up is genuine this time as it had been confirmed by none other than the third of the ‘Big 3 Khans’, Aamir Khan. Before leaving for Hyderabad to attend Arpita’s wedding, Aamir told the media, "Yes, I got to know about the patch-up. In fact they didn't let me sleep the entire night. Around 1:30 am they first called me and informed about it, then around 2:30 am we did a face-time call. So this went around till early morning and they kept me awake." 

In the past too Aamir has tried to end the bitterness between the two Khans, so it was natural that he would be made a part of it. SRK and Salman reportedly came to blows in 2008 at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. For several years they avoided each other and took pot shots against one another in the media. However there have been some rare occasions when the two superstars have come together.

At an iftaar party in 2013 the two Khans took onlookers by surprise as they hugged each other.  They followed it up in 2014 as well, when once again they met each other at the iftaar. In January 2014, Salman was hosting an award show when SRK came on stage to collect an award. Much to the delight of the audience Salman and SRK embraced each other and Salman also congratulated SRK on the success of his film ‘Chennai Express’. 

Before their much publicized fight, SRK and Salman have acted together in films like ‘Karan Arjun’, and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Perhaps their real life patch up has also paved way for an onscreen reunion.