Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana chill with gang, see pics

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s 16-year-old daughter Suhana loves partying with her gang and we have the proof. Few pictures on internet was surfaced which shows Suhana with her friends, most of them are foreigner partying hard. Suhana poses with her friends and seems enjoying life to the fullest.

Suhana wants to follow the footsteps of her father, she wants to be an actor and take up acting as her career but papa King Khan wants Suhana to finish her studies first before living her dream.

However, in an exclusive interview with India Today's Koel Purie, Shah Rukh Khan said that her Bollywood plans would have to wait a few years. "You need to be minimal qualification of a graduate before you even think of coming and learning any way. Go out, do some theatre, finish your schooling, finish your college, then study for a couple of years about acting. (sic)," he said.

"If she gets into the field that I already am in, somewhere, even without wanting, even though I would like to avoid it, the life lessons will permeate on to her through me. And I've already done it. Why would you want to learn from something that has been seen, I've been there, done that; find something new, go beyond. I'm not saying go beyond me and learn and come back and all only, I don't think she needs this kind of a shadow over her. So go out. (sic)" Shah Rukh added.

Suhana is already a good actor. She enacted the role of Cinderella in school. The video of her show also went viral on net.

But papa Shahrukh feels in India there is not no good acting institute,  he said, "My daughter wants to learn acting, but I don't know which institute in India I should send her to. We don't have any good acting school. One of my dream projects is to be able to create an institute where youngsters can come and learn professional acting, techniques of acting, different styles of acting."