Shahrukh Khan to play father-son role in Atlee's film ?

According to the latest report, superstar Shahrukh Khan will play a double role of a father and a son in Atlee’s upcoming movie. King Khan will enact the role of a top investigating officer, who will be seen on a mission to nab his gangster son.

A source close to the project revealed, “Atlee and Shah Rukh have been discussing a potential collaboration for two years now and have brainstormed on multiple subjects. They have finally fixed on an action film, which has SRK playing an investigating officer of a top Indian agency and a most-wanted criminal. The story revolves around these two characters who are worlds apart, their conflict and confrontation.”

The source also claimed that Atlee is currently working with Karan Johar’s team of writers on the script. The source further added, “Three of Atlee’s four directorials, Theri, Mersal and Bigil, feature the protagonist in double or triple roles. He loves exploring the different aspects of an actor’s persona within the same film. He is looking to continue the trend with two diametrically different characters in this film as well.”

A source told mid-day, "Unlike those films however, here, the two characters are a generation apart. At the heart of the actioner is the father-son relationship, which is fractured by their polarising worldviews. The father is a senior R&AW agent, who is on a mission to capture his gangster son. Though the premise is similar to that of Ramesh Sippy's Shakti (1982), the stories have nothing further in common."

SRK played double role in his earlier movies like  Duplicate (1998) and Don (2006). It is also learnt that the superstar will wear heavy prosthetics in the film. The source told mid-day, "The project is likely to roll from mid-2021 after Pathan is complete." 

Apart from Atlee’s movie, the superstar also has two more films lined up, Siddharth Anand's Pathan and Rajkumar Hirani's movie.