Shahrukh Khan to enjoy family holiday with AbRam

After the super-duper success of ‘Chennai Express’ and before he starts work on his new project, Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’, Shahrukh Khan planned for a family vacation. King Khan with wife Gauri Khan repotedly visited the Regional Passport Office in Worli to renew Gauri’s passport and to apply a new passport for his three month old newborn, AbRam. In May this year, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri welcomed their third child.

Shahrukh Khan was embroiled in pre-birth sex determination case when AbRam was born. His son was born in May via surrogacy but Shahrukh announced the good news in July. SRK claimed that he did not examine the gender of his child beforehand and only announced his child’s pre-birth sex determination after he was born.

Due to premature birth, AbRam’s has health issues and he was kept in a protected environment to keep him safe from infection. Shahrukh Khan said he could not spend enough time with his newborn as he was kept in a protected environment and looking forward to roll with him on the ground.

The new father shares, “I don’t spend much time with AbRam. I hardly see him. I am not allowed to see him too much as he has to be infection free for another one month.”

The tot is still kept under close observation in a sterilised room to avoid infection, “I’d like to roll with him on the ground, yeah that’s what I’m really looking forward to, playing with him... Insha’Allah, by next month he should be good to move around in the house. I see him once or twice a day. I will be most relieved when I see him in regular parts of the house though.” 

Shahrukh Khan is considered as the best father, Talking about fatherhood again, he says, “I have always enjoyed fatherhood a lot because I’ve always had a desire to have friends and now I have three of them. So it’s nice. One of them is really small but it’s good. We can treat him as we want.

The other two are grown up now and they are my friends. When I went out on Eid with them, I felt so safe, strangely owned and protected by my own. My son and my daughter were standing by my side and I feel very proud of the fact that there is someone to look after me. Though I will make sure and I hope that never happens as a father, I will always take care of them”.

Shahrukh and Gauri already had a son Aryan and daughter Suhana.