Shahrukh Khan: The ‘King Khan’ of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan or the ‘King Khan’ as he is better known in bollywood has been on a hiatus for a long time. However this year the King Khan of bollywood will be seen in two big films and is all set to capture the box-office and public attention once more. Shahrukh has received appreciation for his performance in Karan Johar’s Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna . He plays a cynical husband who does not always do the right thing. His next big release is Farhan Akhtar’s Don . The film is a remake and the original version starred Amitabh Bachchan. Shahrukh Khan talks about Islam, his status amongst today’s new generation actors and about his forthcoming films.
Shahrukh Khan is a Muslim by birth and his wife is a Hindu, he has two children Aryan eight and Suhana six. He is an extremely high profile celebrity in bollywood and his films are appreciated by his fans all over the world. Shahrukh says “I’m not religious in terms of praying but I am Islamic. I believe in Islam, its tenets and that it is a good religion. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who misinterpret Islam.” Shahrukh strongly condemns and criticizes the recent terrorist bombings in several different parts of the world. He says “We need to arrest the thought of violence; we can’t only keep on arresting people.” Khan claims that he loves the adulation and respect that he gets as a superstar and that he loves being a star.

Shahrukh is also one of the few superstars who have had very few controversies in his personal and professional life as an actor. In fact even when he entered the film industry he was already married to Gauri. Shahrukh says “My liking and respect for women is so immense, it goes far beyond just getting into their beds.” Shahrukh does not believe in being modest about his wealth as he is a self-made actor and has not been handed the legacy from his family. He says “I’m wealthy because I work fast and earn fast. I don’t sit back and I do a lot for people. But I don’t talk about my wealth and the wealth that I give to the poor.”

On his latest release KANK which is making waves at the box-office and has collected approximately 72 crores in its very first week worldwide, Shahrukh claims that in reality he is the complete opposite of his character in the film. Shahrukh claims “I am not at all suggesting that people should leave their families and I would never leave my son or daughter. I don’t believe in my character in the film. The film is only a point of view.” Shahrukh also maintains that he has no stand on infidelity which is a part of his film KANK. He says “I don’t have any stand on it as I believe that it varies from one individual to another. I cannot call those who are in favour of infidelity wrong, it’s purely upto that individual what kind of relationships he prefers to have.”

Shahrukh who has been married to his college sweetheart Gauri for 14 years says “I think that one has to work very hard after marriage to make it work and one should not believe that only love will take care of everything.” Khan is awaiting the release of his next film where he will be seen playing a double role in Don. Shahrukh claims that the remake of Don is a tribute to Amitabh Bachchan. About Indian films Shahrukh says “I keep hearing that our films are escapist and unreal, but I find our films the most real in the world.” Shahrukh Khan claims that though he has not been around for a while, he is definitely going to be back with a bang and says “I am the Ronaldinho (top football player) of acting. I’ll be there for another five to six years, and then maybe you can think of some other actor. No newcomer is around to oust me. It’s terrific that I’m respected, recognized and many magazines call me the icon of the country. I am blessed and it’s been a charmed life so far.”