Shahrukh Khan Talks About his Success at Nerolac Press Meet

Shahrukh Khan is a self-made man. Most of the love and respect that this star has got has been purely for his hard work and determination to make it to the top.

Today after achieving almost everything the actor looks back at his struggling days with less hesitation. He has achieved tremendous popularity, stardom, and money. He has been part of some unique entertaining films that have cemented his position in the industry and earned him the tag of ‘Badshah of Bollywood’.

Shah Rukh endorses Nerolac paints, and at its press-conference held for its latest initiative titled, “Change the Paint” he spoke about his journey at Bollywood. He also revealed, “feel I was in the industry at the right time and I am very proud and thrilled that lot of things are changing with the films.”

Talking about his initial days in the industry Shahrukh said, “When I came in (Mumbai) that time it was only about romantic films. Now things are changing and the journey has been great. I will keep working till people want to see me."

This actor’s career has been for a long two decades, and he has been able to achieve success through his endeavors. He also said, that it is important to keep dreaming, however, one can also not ignore reality.

He added, “Everyday a new dream is born. It is nice to keep on dreaming. I dream to make different films, I want to see my kids healthy. But I feel you have to be rooted in reality before dreaming. Believe in reality at the first place and get your education first.”

The star is an inspiration to many struggling actors who do not have a godfather in the industry. He has also inspired television stars to try at films. He has been the only television actor till date to have made it this big in the industry. There have been many who tried doing films but did not achieve success in the field.

Shah Rukh also spoke about his basic needs when he started off in the industry. He said, “Right now I am in a position where I can afford to do anything but when I just started off that time my dream was to have a house, car and everything."

Shah Rukh has currently been shooting his out-an-out comedy film after a gap of three years since “OSO”. The project has been titled “Chennai Express” and stars Deepika Padukone.