Shahrukh Khan suffered depression

King Khan revealed that when he had shoulder surgery in 2008, he has gone through depression. During the recovery period, he has suffered depression but now he is fine and back to work in full energy.

“I feel so healthy and refreshed from within now. Due to the injury and the suffering I had gone into depression, but now I am out. I feel happy,” says Khan.

The actor believes that though he is very interactive in reel but in real he is very shy and very poor in expressing things whether it is love, anger or friendship.

“I am a different person in my films; I am very vocal and expressive in them, but in my personal life I am a very weird person. I face difficulty when I have to express my innermost feelings. I am very shy, quiet and reclusive as an individual.

Shahrukh Khan started his career from television and is back to the small screen with a new game show, ‘Zor Ka Zhatka’.