Shahrukh Khan’s home ‘Mannat’ not on his name

Recently it was brought to notice that Amitabh Bachchan’s home ‘Jalsa’ was not transferred onto his own name, but was on the name of his sister-in law till recently. Shahrukh Khan had bought a beautiful 23,400 sq.feet bungalow in Bandra-Bandstand in 2001. However it is being said that this house too has not been transferred onto Shahrukh’s name, but remains in the name of the previous owner.
Shahrukh’s home is a beautiful palatial sea facing house, guarded by a huge high iron gate and tight security. It has been more than three years since the actor purchased the house and he has still not transferred it onto his own name, in stead the house is in the name of Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust. Khan purchased the bungalow from Mr. Nariman K Dubash, the trustee for around Rs 13.32 crore. Khan has renovated the entire bungalow and spruced up most of it. However a legal officer who deals in these matters claims that Shahrukh should transfer the home onto his name, because in the future if he would like to carry out any major structural changes in his property then he would face a problem. The legalities for making any changes in the structure would include permission from the owner, the person whose name the house is on.

A close aide of Shahrukh said “Shahrukh is a busy man and does not have the time to check up on all these issues. He had appointed a legal adviser to take care of his property issues.” Officials confirm that Khan’s home is not yet on his name, but they also claim that it is entirely the responsibility of the owner to arrange for all the documents and submit it to the offices. Officials are waiting for Khan or his legal aid to approach them for the procedure which only takes about 45 days. A tax official maintains “We are not going to insist that Shahrukh Khan transfer the property in his name as we are only concerned with recovering property tax and as of now there is no outstanding tax on the bungalow.”