Shahrukh Khan protects sleepy AbRam from paparazzi

Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma return after a starry promotional tour in Abu Dhabi and last night when SRK landed at Mumbai International airport, he cradled his little munchkin around his arms and rushed to his car parked outside. AbRam was in a sleepy mode and to avoid the flashes of the camera, he rushed to is car.

Anushka Sharma also closely followed Shahrukh and his son and both left together.

"More than stardom I believe he is born for Lovedom! So fortunate to get such love from so many, he is blessed."

Shahrukh once said that AbRam loves to be clicked, Talking to PTI, the doting father said: "I was at the airport, had to get back from Dubai and there were lots of people taking pictures with me. So, I said let me stand here, finish the pictures and board the plane and he wanted to be part of every picture. Halfway through, Ravi (bodyguard) just took him away but he got so disturbed. He said 'You're not allowing to me take pictures'."

Shahrukh and designer Gauri Khan married in 1991 and are also parents to Suhana, 17, and Aryan, 19. AbRam is born through surrogacy.